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AIB Bankcentre ballsbridge

AIB Bankcentre


A 120m long piazza defined by an avenue planting of Honey locust trees channel views towards and connects Merrion Road to the new Bankcentre Entrance Building. Paved in alternate bands of granite based on the strong horizontal structure of the original bank buildings, the piazza sought to establish a striking connection between Merrion Road, the new and existing Bankcentre buildings.

Icon Office Development

ICON Office Development, Leopardstown, South County Dublin


SDA acted as consultant landscape architect on the integration of additional office and research accommodation into the fabric of the existing site masterplan and detail design of new open space to provide a visual and physical amenity for the ICON staff.

Lucan Spa Hotel, Dublin


Glasshouse Hotel, Sligo


Joels Hotel, Dublin


Bridgewater Centre, Arklow


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